Thank you for your interest!

There are 3 ways to obtain the “PPv2.0 Tabletop Calendar”:
1. Request to have a training by Dr. Minh on the tools, the training is typically sponsored by a pharmaceutical company – Otsuka-Lundbeck Canada – who directly pays me speaker fees. During the 1hr-1.5hr training, the calendar is given to all participants. The pharmaceutical company is very respectful and does not ask for anything “in return” from the training participants. The training does not address the specific pharmacological aspects of the company’s products so you will not be “held hostage” to learn about them. On the contrary, I am very grateful for their support over the years in providing me with a showcase for my tools via the organization of these trainings, and for the total autonomy I have been given in the development of my tools. Thus, I have enjoyed a fully scientific and creative freedom in the production of the images and tools. It is important to clarify that there has never been any form of remuneration for the creation of the tool which, as you can see, is more of a holistic biopsychosocial care approach rather than a simply pharmacological one. 
2. Simply send me $20 per calendar directly via This covers shipping costs within Quebec. Specify in the comments at the time of payment: the address of the recipient and your email so that I can confirm the shipment. If you order more than 3 calendars, the unit cost will be reduced to 15$/calendar. Please contact me then. 
3. During the annual AMPQ convention, the calendar is sold at the booth of the bookstores that have come to the convention.