March 2022

I am honored to have been invited to present at the “New Technology and Mental Health conference during the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. I took the opportunity to have my PPv2 tool translated into Arabic. I thank Dr. Amina Benmaouche (McGill Psychiatry resident) and Dr. Ibrahim Althiyabi (McGill Psychiatry fellow resident) for this work. I hope you will find the tool useful.

Click on ePPv2.0 on the above menu bar and choose the tool in the language you want. The password is EXPO2020

Other tools in Arabic are available hereThe recorded presentation can be viewed here.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The tools presented on this website are not yet optimized for use on small screens including smartphones. At best choose the “computer version” display option on Google Chrome or “desktop version” on Safari on iOS ***

This website is dedicated to Research and Teaching on Innovative Practices in the Treatment of Psychosis by Dr. Tin Ngo-Minh. (REPIT Psychose: Recherche et l’Enseignement sur les Pratiques Innovantes dans le Traitement de la Psychose)

Research must be interwoven with clinical practice otherwise it becomes a lost potential, a stifled enthusiasm, a wasted creativity. I publish on this site the ePPv2.0, the electronic version of the PPv2.0 (Psychoeducational Tool on Psychosis v2.0), the “complementary web tools” referenced in the PPv2.0, as well as other original standalone psychoeducational tools. The PPv2.0 was created in 2016 as part of the implementation of the First Episode of Psychosis FEP clinic in the Outaouais, Québec, Canada. An overall philosophy of care, standardization of clinical knowledge/skills and a consistent therapeutic vocabulary was needed to be implemented along with an administrative and clinical framework. The tool continues to serve this purpose and is the subject of a research project. It has also been disseminated to several FEP clinics and general mental health clinics in Quebec. The PPv2.0 tool has been significantly re-edited in 2020 and is available electronically as well as in table calendar format. An updated translation of the 2020 tool in English is now available since the summer of 2021. 

The purpose of this website is:

  • to share the psychoeducational tools developed by Dr. Ngo-Minh for the promotion of personalized mental health care;
  • to promote the implementation of the tools and improve the quality of care for patients and their families;
  • to promote knowledge sharing and the development of innovations in the treatment of psychosis, and more specifically, in patient engagement in their care;
  • To foster exchange among tool users to promote its continuous improvement.

The creation of new tools is an ongoing process interwoven to daily clinical practice. The most recent developments will be posted here. This site should be updated regularly. Check here for new publications of tools.


March 2021:

  • (in French) Introduction: How to use the tools on
  • The site is now hosted by the new RDC (Research Data Center) servers of the University of Ottawa. It is FINALLY possible to use the tools directly on the site without having to connect to another website as it has been the case for the past 2 years!
  • The web version of the PPv2.0 2020 tool (ePPv2.0) can now be found here on the horizontal menu. Otherwise, here are the direct links below:


Thank you for your interest!

Dr Tin Ngo-Minh, MD, psychiatre, FRCPC
Directeur DPC de l’Association des Médecins Psychiatres du Québec (AMPQ)
Clinique L’ÉQUI-libre
Professeur adjoint @UOttawa
Chercheur associé @CR CISSS-Outaouais


Twitter-thérapie: parce que la thérapie ne se termine pas à la fin de la session.